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Rules: (in no particular order)
  • This site was designed and is run by volunteers - actually it is run by one volunteer (I had some terrific help in the design phase). Please make things as easy on me/us as possible. If you want to volunteer to help with this site, please send a note to Brett.
  • Submit a game only if you are the owner of the game. This site is designed to help owners sell their games.
  • You must have a valid email address listed in order to have your game posted (buyers must have a way to contact you). I will never sell, barter, trade, etc., your email address, but it will be listed on the site on public web pages. If you are worried about "spam" you may want to set up and use an email address at one of the many free email sites on the web.
  • Keep all language in your description of your game(s) clean enough that it would not interrupt my grandmother's rocking if I read it out loud. Games with offensive descriptions or content will be deleted from the database without ever being posted to the site. I am sole judge of what is "offensive" and by submitting your game, you are agreeing that you will take no action against me or others associated with this site based on us not posting your game or any other action, or lack of action, that we cause to occur - or not, regarding a game and/or this site.
  • Be as forthright and objective as possible when assessing things like "violent content" of your game.
  • Read and understand the disclaimers.
  • You are responsible for keeping current on changes in the rules of the site.
  • Please keep email to me and others associated with this site polite and respectful. This is one of several sites I maintain, and I have many non-computer things to keep up with, so please be gentle with my inbox.

    How it works:
  • When you submit a game for posting on this site, it will automatically be entered into our database as "pending" (not active yet).
  • After your game information is reviewed and deemed appropriate for this site it will be made active in the database. You will recieve an automatic email notice when this occurs. This process can take up to 48 hours, but is usually much quicker.
  • Your game will then be available for viewing by anyone who visits the site.
  • By going to the "more detail" page for your game, you can edit or delete your game at any time. Editing your game will cause it to become inactive for up to 48 hours, until the content has been reviewed and, once again, deemed appropriate for this site.
  • Your game will stay listed with us until you remove it (through the owner's editing page) or until we decide to remove it for some reason (the latter is unlikely).

  • It will help your game get attention if you provide a picture of it to include with your listing.
  • It may also help sell your game if you have a website set up with even more detailed information about it. We provide a spot for a link to your site.

    Other Things You Should Know
  • Incomplete information on the submission form may result in your game being deleted from the database.
  • Submissions that seem odd, fishy, suspicious, screwy (you probably get the idea) may be deleted from the database.
  • Submission of your game, and listing on this site are free. But we do ask that in exchange for this free service, you help promote this site to potential purchasers. This will increase the likelihood of your game being sold (and mine too,) and it may result in others selling their games as well. This site is based upon game inventors helping each other. Also, please let other game designers/inventors know about this site. The more we have to offer potential buyers, the more buyers we'll get, and their return trips will be more frequent.
  • Your game may be removed from the database and website with or without cause. By submitting a game you agree to this rule (among many others) and that your recourse is limited to re-submitting your game for possible re-acceptance.
  • Submitting games to this site does not transfer ownership. We are here to help you and a buyer find each other.
  • It is your responsibility to protect your legal interests in your game.
  • Whether to include any submitted game on the site or remove any game from the site is entirely at the discretion of the site owner.
  • Games rejected for inclusion (highly unlikely, but could happen) will be removed from the active database. Names of rejected games and their owners will be retained for possible filtering (if it becomes necessary).
  • Only owners of games may submit them. Games submitted by non-owners will be deleted.
  • When the ownership of a game legitimately comes into question, the game will be removed from our site.
  • You agree to hold harmless (release from any and all liability) this site and its owner(s).
  • I am not an agent. I am an inventors/designer, just like you. I/we do not/will not/legally cannot enter into agreements on your behalf. We act only as a vehicle for communication between potential purchaser and seller.

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