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Erik Arneson has put together a very informative site with tons of information and links. Erik also runs the board game egroup (see next entry). My only objection to this site, as with all of the sites, is the pop-up ads (they bug me).
Board Game Design - yahoo egroup
Terrific group of fellow inventors/designers. This is a good place to ask questions (and get tons of conflicting answers :o) Like everything on yahoo's site, if you go to their site, you'll be bombarded with ads. But the email messages contain only minimal ads.
Games Champ
This is a really clean and well-designed site with well-written articles on how to win various games (goes beyond board games). The articles seem to include some history of the games, how to play and, of course, how to win. (Wouldn't it be terrific to see an article about your game on Games Champ? Maybe you will.)
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