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First, a disclaimer about disclaimers:
I am not a lawyer so this disclaimer page is written in layman's terms. The essence, what I want you to get out of the page, is that you are responsible for what happens to/with your game - I am not. You are listing it here by choice (with the hopes of getting filthy rich perhaps) and with full acceptance of responsibility for your game.

I am offering this service for free to game inventors/designers, so I go to a lot of trouble (below) to make sure I don't end up being at the bad end of a lawsuit. By submitting a game you are releasing me from liability concerning your game. But I am still subject to copyright, trademark, and patent laws. So you are not releasing me from restrictions against stealing your game.

  • Games with offensive descriptions or content will be deleted from the database without ever being posted to the site. I am sole judge of what is "offensive" and by submitting your game, you are agreeing that you will take no action against me or others associated with this site based on us not posting your game or any other action, or lack of action, that we cause to occur - or not, regarding a game and/or this site.
  • You are solely responsible for your game. Listing it here is something done by you with full knowledge that no matter what happens (someone steals the idea, you are sued for copyright violations, the rabbit dies, etc.) you assume full responsibility and agree to hold harmless all persons associated with administering this website. I don't want to steal your game, but I don't want you to sue me if someone else does. protecting your game
  • You are responsible for keeping current on changes in the rules of the site. By submitting a game, you agree to accept changes in rules and new rules at the time they are posted to the site. If this site ever starts charging owners/inventors (I don't expect this to ever happen) you will be notified well in advance of such a drastic change and be given a chance to stay in or leave.
  • Your game may be removed from the database and website with or without cause. By submitting a game you agree to this rule (among many others) and that your recourse is limited to re-submitting your game for possible re-acceptance.
  • Submitting games to this site does not transfer ownership. We are here to help you and a buyer find each other.
  • It is your responsibility to protect your legal interests in your game. Any advice offered by the administrators or other game owners associated with this site should be considered "opinion" and should be verified with a proper legal authority prior to taking any action based upon such advice/opinions.
  • Submission of information constitutes a request by you to have your information, including images, email address, etc., displayed on this website.
  • Whether to include any submitted game on the site or remove any game from the site is entirely at the discretion of the site owner and the decision can be made with or without cause and the site owner shall in all cases and all matters be held harmless and released and absolved of any and all responsibility (gheeze - have I covered myself yet?) .
  • Games rejected for inclusion (highly unlikely, but could happen) will be removed from the active database. Names of rejected games and their owners will be retained for possible filtering (if it becomes necessary).
  • Only owners of games may submit them. Games submitted by non-owners will be deleted.
  • When the ownership of a game legitimately comes into question, the game will be removed from our site.
  • You agree to hold harmless (release from any and all liability) this site and its owner(s).
  • I am not an agent. I am an inventor/designer, just like you. I/we do not/will not/legally cannot enter into agreements on your behalf. We act only as a vehicle for communication between potential purchaser and seller.

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